Ultimate Chicken

Eating out is a fun & pleasure. At SFC Plus it's a bit of an indulgence. You can always come in and try our fried chicken, especially if you are craving something hot, juicy and crunchy. The binge-worthy fried chicken from SFC Plus, coated with our own signature spice blend of 12 herbs, a dash of pepper and lemon seasoning, is fat free with its skinless marination. This isn’t just chicken, it’s a unique twist to the American South flavor that leaves you licking your fingers till end. Have a try, we're now the taste innovators of the town.

Fried chicken is one of the most universal meals around. Almost everybody loves it. At SFC Plus, we take huge amounts of pride in crafting our uniquely delicious golden fried, crunchy, fresh and never frozen fried chicken! It’s not only our job, but our passion! We know the crispy crunch of the layer over fried chicken as being one of the primary reasons why you love fried chicken. Head to your nearest SFC Plus, relax and spend some time to switch off and have a proper break, just enjoy the original skinless yummy taste range in Chicken. Well, for some people, deciding between homely food and fried food is still a nightly battle. Don’t worry that you are eating fat, our bodies actually require a certain amount of fat in our diets for health and satiety. Order fried chicken online https://order.matam.ae/sfc

We’re not going to lie - we truly believe that the fried chicken we craft at SFC Plus is simply the best skinless fried chicken you'll eat in UAE. Tell us, What's your favorite choice of fried chicken. SFC Plus have it all, ranging from bucket chicken to crispy strips. We bet, between our golden-brown crust and the bone lies some of the tenderest and juiciest chicken you’ll ever bite your teeth into! Order online and grab the fried chicken of your choice. Our chicken retains its moisture due to our custom recipe and unique cooking techniques. Why wait, Google the nearest SFC Plus restaurant now, order the yummy taste range in Chicken, Burgers, Pizzas, salads and more. Experience the unique taste of the ‘original skinless chicken’ prepared with choicest herbs and ingredients.

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