Plan Your Birthday Celebration

Your kid’s birthday party is coming up and you still haven’t decided yet on what to do? You must already know about all the best cake shops where you can get bestselling birthday cakes from. But are you clueless about where to host your kid’s next birthday soiree? Choosing the right venue to celebrate birthdays can be daunting. Worry not! Save yourself a headache as SFC Plus sets all the celebration done. We give the best birthday bash with a bang without breaking the bank! So, what are you waiting for? Book your kid’s birthday party today with SFC Plus.

Whether you are thinking to throw a birthday party for your little one or a dear friend, it takes enormous planning and a lot of effort to make the event as happening as possible. SFC Plus comes in handy during these times – We offer exclusive Birthday Party at SFC Plus near you. We ensure that your child’s next big celebration is one to remember!

When planning a kid's birthday party, the first few things you need to consider are- book the best restaurant for party and talk to the party planners. Well, leave it to us! Our birthday party specialists are known to be the best in UAE and our parties are extremely popular with both kids and parents alike! We truly understand how every birthday is so very important to your little ones and how you would do almost anything to plan that perfect party they keep talking about! Our party packages are loaded with a variety of party services ranging from the party hall and the host, to ensuring your child/dear ones and their friends are entertained the whole time and fed well. We've birthday meals and desserts planned and prepared according to your requirements.

If you are looking for hassle-free celebration and a range of birthday party packages in Dubai or best birthday package in Abu Dhabi then you can take your little girl or boy to SFC Plus. We are understanding and patient with each and every child. We observe the children throughout the party – as no two children are the same, we make a conscience effort to involve every child… from the most extrovert to the shyest child – we make all the children feel special.

Looking for more fun and unique way to celebrate your kid's birthday? Check out SFC Plus birthday party packages. All of our parties contain games that are age appropriate, face painting, music, party host, video coverage, party prizes, choice of meals, gift for every kid, special appearance by Captain Cluck, party hall and invitation cards. Our party package includes everything you need to celebrate the occasion, and you can add special extras to make it even more memorable.

To celebrate your grand day, you need a stunning but affordable birthday party venue in UAE. It may be a hectic job for you to hunt for the best birthday party venue near you. But we can assist you to find the nearest SFC Plus near you for your birthday party, making your day amazing. Birthday Party reservations are now accepted at SFC plus Salam Street, SFC Plus Muroor, SFC Plus Al Markaziya, SFC Plus Karama, Dubai, SFC Plus Kuwait Round About Sharjah.

Still confused where to celebrate your little one's next birthday at? Let SFC Plus sort it out for you! We serve you with a team of professionals who are highly experienced and well known with the latest party trends to make your day amazing and entertaining. What better way to celebrate your little one’s birthday party than at SFC Plus? Bring the party to us and we'll help make it an unforgettable experience for your kid and their friends. Contact our birthday party planner today.

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