Our Story

SFC Plus was launched for those who defy tradition and for the inherent trailblazers waiting to break free in all of us. From the moment we welcomed our first customer to our maiden restaurant in Abu Dhabi back in 1993, all of us at SFC Plus have lived to see the look, that look where one bite makes you realize you've just discovered something amazing. If you think that's a little much, consider this: to us, food is life. And some days, we know it is to you, too.

The binge-worthy fried chicken from SFC Plus, coated with our own signature spice blend of 12 herbs, a dash of pepper and lemon seasoning, is fat free with its skinless marination. Our fried chicken isn’t just chicken, it’s a unique twist to the American South flavor that leaves you licking your fingers till end. It’s hot, juicy, crunchy and skinless fried chicken!

SFC plus has something for everyone! Through our unique approach to delicious yet wholesome fast food that satisfies all your cravings in one place – from Skinless Fried Chicken, pizzas and burgers to salads, shakes and mocktails – we’ve moved away from being just a traditional “quick service restaurant". We’re loved for our food, SFC Plus currently has 26 restaurants spread across the UAE.

The friendly greeting you get when you visit SFC Plus restaurants isn’t a gimmick. It's how we do business, and always have. Everything we do is a celebration of food – from how we source our chicken, meat and veggies to serving up new ways for you to enjoy it. Since 1993, we’ve been committed to bringing you a fast food experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Quality Assurance

Our Vision

SFC Plus is always driven by our founder’s vision. We’ve grown up, evolved and improved, right from the logo to the standards, but has been the same for 27 years: we believe in treating every customer with sincere appreciation, honor, dignity, and respect. Our customer service commitment goes beyond our carts and restaurants; it is the foundation of who we are and the principle behind what we stand for.


Our recipes are secret, but our flavors aren’t; they are our USP. Distinctly lip-smacking and indisputable crowd-pleasers, the SFC Plus taste resonates across all our customers.

We believe that using the freshest ingredients produces the best results. We are tireless in staying abreast of the latest food trends. And are obsessed with creating customized menus and culinary masterpieces for our customers. Simply put: flavor foremost!

Our People

When you walk through our doors, you’ll spot the signature smiles from our team. They stand out in a crowd with a personality that resonates with our core value, and that is Service with a Smile. They are our leaders who take great pride in offering you an experience that is more than just great food. They offer warmth and hospitality that is the very foundation of the SFC plus culture. From different background and speaking multiple languages, our people are truly global in their approach and their outlook – just like the brand.

Next time you visit one of our outlets, feel free to walk up and say hello! And perhaps the occasion calls for a selfie? #SelfieWithSFC

Locally Sourced - HALAL

SFC Plus guarantees that all the food/products it manufactures and sells are Halal. Our chicken/meat and vegetables are sourced from the local farms of Middle East.

We like it fresh! That's why our produce is sourced locally. We create our spices and salads with local market produce. Our cuts use only Halal. From farmers markets to local chicken/meet/veggies, we select only the freshest ingredients to create our dishes.

Our Commitment to Safety and Wellbeing

It’s our promise that all of the food at SFC Plus is sourced and served to the highest standards. We continue to closely monitor industry-leading health and safety recommendations and are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our teams, our community and you. Here are some of the steps we are currently taking:

  • Our entire restaurant is thoroughly sanitized, deep cleaned and disinfected on a nightly basis. Guest washrooms and other ‘high touch’ areas are monitored and sanitized properly. All tables and chairs are wiped down between use with high grade government approved disinfectant.
  • Our staff are required to wear gloves during service and to wear protective face masks. Approved hand sanitizer stations are available at the front door and throughout the restaurant for guests to use.
  • Our staff are required to have temperature checks daily before each shift. Our staff are committed to daily health declarations indicating they are symptom free. Operating procedures have been revised to fully comply with directives issued by the Federal and Health Authority.
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